CamSequencer component for TouchDesigner

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CamSequencer component for TouchDesigner

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Easy easing between camera positions

The CamSequencer is an extended version of the default Camera COMP, with the added possibility of storing and recalling camera positions as presets, with an easing curve for the inbetween values - so that we can get nicely animated continuous camera movement without the need of an Animation COMP for example. It works best with a Look At object, it will sequence its transform parameters as well.

Easing curve formulas taken from: https://easings.net/


  • Init - clears sequence and saves current position

  • Append - Add cam settings to the end

  • Replace - Replace currently selected settings

  • Insert - Insert before currently selected settings

  • Remove - Remove currently selected setting

  • Ease Override - When 'On' the selected easing curve will be used between all the presets. When 'Off' the easing curve selected at the time of saving will be used to ease into the preset

  • Ease - Select the easing function

  • Select - Fader to switch between the saved settings, in-between numbers are the easing index

The following parameters are considered for both Camera settings and Look At:

tx, ty, tz, rx, ry, rz, sx, sy, sz, px, py, pz

Only considered for the Camera:

projectionblend, orthowidth, fov, focal, aperture, near, far, winx, winy, winsize, winroll, ipdshift

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